(Regi No. F/1452/Anand/2011)


Traffic Education Trust Anand is registered by Asst. Charity CommissionerAnand and also traffic education Mandal is registered the same office since year 2012.


Govt. of Gujarat, Gandhinagar have concept that due to shortage of policemen in Traffic Branch and due to shortage of policemen increasing of all kind of motor vehicles, problem of Traffic Jam and other problem such as unusal parking creates trouble to run smooth traffic. Morever drivers do not follow traffice rules and due to that sometimes serious accident occures in city area. So Govt. of Gujarat and D.G.P. & I.G.P. of Gujarat State, Gandhinagar have decided to organise TRB (Traffic Regulation Brigade ) where in young boys and girls above age 18 to 27 may be posted by recruiting as per police personnel qualifications.

Morever in was decided in resolution that 80% income recovered from SPOT penalty per year may be spent in each district to reach expenses of TRB wardens, Home guards or GRD men. This grant is granted by D.G.P. & I.G.P. G.S. Gandhinagar according to demand of S.P. of each district. So Rs. 120/- per is fixed for 8 hrs duties of each TRB warden and if possible trust will pay Rs. 80/- per day to each TRB from its saving ammount collected as donation, Gift etc. But most of truct are facing financial problem about income and saved balance. So Anand police pays Rs. 120/- to each TRB warden according to his total present in each month.

In ANAND District following police station are dealing traffic managment with help of TRB wardens

1) Anand Town

2) Vidyanagar

3) Umreth

4) Petlad town

5) Borsad town

6) Khambhat City



As per yard stick of recruitment of police - constable and Lok-Rakshak Employment is going to recruit the TRB warden for male and female candidates.

N.B : All categories is based on "GENERAL OPEN" common category. No caste/No region based recruitment is done.


General principle to give posting to TRB warden is that he/she may be posted nearby his/her resident town/villege. So they may come on regular time to report on duties. However for PUBLIC INTEREST AND ADMINISTRATIVE REASONS, CHAIRMAN can give them posting on such above named post.

Discipline & conducts

  1. All recruited TRB warden is bound to perform their duties in uniform, regular reporting, strict sober behavior with all vehicles operators/drivers.      

  2. Not use mobile phone during active duties when pick up hours of traffic is there.             

  3. Strict manners to talk & reply with driver, pedestrians etc.                                                                                                        

  4. Help to assist traffic branch police personal and obey their instruction.                                               

  5. If continues 10 days or more days absence without pre-granting leave (leave without pay) means removes of service as TRB warden.                                                                                                 

  6. If in such circumstance, they are bound to perform their duties more than 8 hrs duties no extra remuneration or ‘over time’ on pay will be granted.                                                        

  7. Only pay per day rs.120 is to be paid according to their present of each month.     

  8. If any complains for misbehaving with public co-workers or allegation of corruption, or misbehave with woman conies means after discreet in inquiry, necessary disciplinary action against him/her is to be considerable according their fault if proved.                                              

  9. Penalty is imposed when he reported late on duties means RS.15/- per hrs is to be given. 


To achieve the highest standards of smooth and safe flow of traffic

Objectives are:

  • Prevent and reduce accidents.

  • Effective enforcement of traffic regulations.

  • Inculcate a sense of discipline amongst road users and educate the public including school children on road safety.

  • Ensure smooth and secure traffic movement for special occasions and VIP duties with minimum inconvenience to public.

  • Develop a sense of responsiveness and sensitivity to the needs of the public.

  • Render assistance to public in various stressful conditions such as prompt first aid to accident victims.

  • Develop the human resources of traffic police.

  • Assist and advice various agencies in coordinated development of infrastructure for smooth and safe flow of traffic.

  • Ensure protection of the environment and take appropriate steps for prevention of noise and air pollution.

  • Encourage participation and involvement of public in traffic management.