Anand traffic police started crane service for toying vehicle which break the traffic rules.

Contact the nearest Traffic Circle. You will be required to pay compounding amount for improper parking plus towing away charges depending upon your vehicle type.

As per Section 15 of Rules of Road Regulation, 1989, the following rules apply to motorists and 2-wheelers.

The driver of a motor vehicle shall NOT park his vehicle:

  • So it causes or is likely to cause danger, obstruction or undue inconvenience to other road users
  • At or near a road crossing
    (no mention of parking atleast 15 meters away from a road corner, as claimed by the traffic police)
  • On a footpath or far away from the edge of the footpath
  • Near a traffic light or pedestrian crossing
  • Obstructing another parked vehicle or on wrong side of the road
  • Near a bus stop, school/ hospital entrance, blocking traffic sign or premises entrance or a fire hydrant.

As per the Sections 127 and 201 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, if a motor vehicle is left abandoned or unattended for ten hours or more in a public place, so as to cause impedement to the free flow of traffic, its removal by a towing service or wheel clamping may be authorized by a police officer in uniform having jurisdiction.

So, if your car is not violating any of the above and still your car is towed, you may quote the above laws.