Saving one's life is one of the biggest services to the humanity. India has second highest population in the world and it is under very fast development. But at the the road accidents. But still we do not want to take it serious. The cause behind
this are indiscipline, negligence, lack of awareness, stress and so on....

Since we have lack of infrastructure development, hundreds of accidents happen every day. Accidents, tragically, are not often due to ignorance, but are due to carelessness, thoughtlessness and over confidence. According to a report of the ministry of road transport, pedestrians were the most common victims of road accidents and 41 per cent of deaths that occurred on the roads were of people hit by vehicles while crossing or walking by the side. Also, 12 per cent of deaths were of cyclists hit by heavy vehicles. Similarly, 24 and 12 per cent of deaths involved motorcycles and cars, respectively. Moreover, there was one death on the roads every six seconds and majority of them are the students.

Anand Traffice Police conduct Traffic Awareness Program in the hopes of building a new generation with the necessary traffic awareness and culture to drive safely, and so save lives, so dear to each member of the community, as traffic accidents constitute a chronic problem.

Anand Traffic Police Committee have the objectives are to make the city accident-free, create awareness, instill traffic discipline, to introduce newer technology and to help people acquire road sense. The trustees of this organization are actively engaged with several Government and non government organization of Road Safety.